The Ignition Collective
with Sarah Silver

I'm so pleased you've made it here. The Ignition Collective is a series of

Group memberships; 1-1 Soul to Soul, and Communal learning programmes, where you are supported to grow, enlighten, awaken and live into your best life.  If you've made it here, its likely you are seeking more personal growth, in what ever way that looks for you.

Ive got over 20 years business experience, 10 years of spiritual and clinical practice, and a wealth of additional experience, such as performance in music, personal development, business team member support and growth, and of course business ownership.


I have 4 children, my two eldest are in the adult years, living their best lives, and my two younger children are crazy mad sportspeople.

Why did I share that?? - because, here we are open books, supportive and willing to learn, to change and to become the preferred versions of ourselves.  There is no judgement in these groups - just love and respect for one another, as we drop our barriers, create healthy boundaries, and clear what no longer serves us.

Im here to Ignite you - to support and offer you guidance as you shed the layers of unwanted, and welcome home desired!